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The Loss of Corn Starch Processing was Less than Last MonthIn September, corn starch prices stabilized, but the quotations of starch byproducts went up driven by soybeanmeal
Corn Starch Prices in the Production and...In September, the overallquotations of cornstarchdidn’t change greatly The averageprice of corn in the produc
September Corn Prices in the Production a...In September, corn buying and selling were still sluggish The auctionof temporarily-stored corn continued, and the
August Corn Prices in the Production and...In August, corn buying and selling both are still sluggish The auctionof temporarily-stored corn continued, and t
soybean oil Crushing Profit Increased Due to Meal Prices Went up SharplyIn September, the cost of imports soybeanaround 3,450RMB MT, soybean oil price and meal price went up sharply In
BOABC Viewpoint: China's approval to impor...On September 17, the General Administration of Customs issued a notice allowing the import of Argentine soybean m
BOABC Viewpoint: 2019 soybean imports to ...Due to the impact of African swine fever, the demand of soybean meal market in China has decreased significantly
Grand Holding to purchase FGV China Oils...FGV, a Malaysian company, is one of the world& 39;s largest palm oil producers and a leading supplier of palm o
Sulfur Price Stabilized, Ammonia Price Fel...Phosphate rock(30%)FOT priceaveraged at 411 RMB MT in September ,the same as last month Solid sulfur price averaged
Anthracite Price Increased, Urea Price F...The average price of Shanxi Jincheng’s anthracite (Q:7000) was 1045RMB MT inSeptember , RMB 1 MT more than l
BOABC: The Top 100 Listing of Agricultura...On August 31, China Agricultural Production Materials Distribution Association officially released the top 100 listi
In the First Half of 2019, NPK Compani...In August, listed compound fertilizer companies released their semiannual reports of 2019, of which Kingenta’s
Pig prices in SeptemberTheaverage price of hog was 27 72 yuan kg nationwide, increasing by 22 19%month on month and increasing by 93 22%y
BOABC ViewpointIn September 2019,average hog price is 27 72 yuan kg nationwide, increasingby 22 19% month on month; piglet price
The profit of feeding sanhuang chicken was 11.10 yuan/bird in SeptemberIn September, the grossprofit of feeding sanhuang chicken was 11 10yuan bird, increased2 54 yuan bird month on month
The profit of raising whiter broilers was 3.87 yuan/bird in SeptemberThis month the ratio between broiler price and grain price was 4 90, the ratio between broiler price and feed p

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Market News in September1 1 Forestry Resources and PoliciesNewslAccording to the 9thinventory of China’s forest resources, the area of
Company NewslShanying Paper plans to reduce the amount of convertible bonds from less than 2 656 billion RMBtoless than1 86 b
Forestry Resources and Policies NewslA draft revision of the forest law was submitted to the standing committee of the 13th National People& 39;s Co
The Monthly Data Statistics on Wood and Its Products 1 2 1 The Monthly Data on Industry Related Economic IndicatorslFrom January to May, the forestry fixed asset inves
China Fruit Market Research Monthly ReportBOABC: China’s High Quality Apple Prices Would Rise If the Cold Injury Caused Reduction of Apple Output by
China Fruits and Vegetables Market Monthly ReportMonthly Insight: Conducting an in-depth analysis on current hot topics and newsPolicy: Focus on industry polices t
Forecast of industry operation in 2019/20 crushing seasonIt is expected that there are many uncertainties in the domestic sugar market in the new crushingseason, and the
Summary of industry operation in 2018/19 crushing seasonThe production and marketing in2018 19 crushing season havebeen completed, and the sugar production period of 2019
Focus: Smooth 2018/19 crushing season,...(1)In August, the industrial inventory fell 18 18% from a year earlier By August, China had sold 9 6026 millio
5.46% Increase of White Granulated Sugar from July(1)White Granulated SugarTheoveralltrendofspotpriceforsugarshowedanincreasingtrend The average spot price for white gran
Dairy Production Stood at 17.9 Milli...In August, dairy production totaled 2 35 million tons, up 4 8% YoY, of which liquid dairy products 2 21 million
Hebei Further Heightens Raw Milk Reference Price Hebei further raised the reference and bottom price in Q4 2019, which is 3 85 and 3 62 yuan kg respectively Durin
Raw Milk Price Sustained Upward Turn in September 2019 According to MOA monitoring, raw milk price further climbed to 3 71 yuan kg in September 2019, 0 06 yuan kg highe
Raw Milk Production Index in August 2019 Slightly Lower MoMFrom September 2018 to April 2019, the monthly index of raw milk production (based on monitoring on licensed mil